15 best Chrome extensions, everyone loves to have

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Google is undoubtedly the leader of the web. It has instantly succeeded and now enjoys the ruling the World Wide Web. It has always been the leader in making the user’s experience of the Internet simplified either by launching the new algorithms, which are user friendly, or by introducing the extensions in order to help the web users grab joys while they browse.

At this platform, we let the users know about the top 15 Chrome Extensions which all and sundry would care to have. It is an axiom that Google Chrome is today’s fastest growing and hugely accepted and used web browser among the Internet browsers. Why is it so? This is because that it hardly takes the CPU usage as compared to Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Most interestingly, Chrome is offered with the built-in developer tools which help it be the extremely handy and faster to use. Even you do not want to leave using Mozilla Firefox, nonetheless it is recommended to give it at least a try. You would come to know the fabulous features and the terrific extensions by yourself.

Below is the list to the top 15 best Chrome extensions, which make Google Chrome more fabulous and a joy-ride for the users.
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Proxy Switchy:

Proxy Switchy

FeedSquares – Supercharge your Google Reader:

FeedSquares Supercharge your Google Reader



Google Translate:

Google Translate

Alexa Traffic Rank:

Alexa Traffic Rank

Helper for Google+:

Helper for Google+

+Photo Zoom:

+Photo Zoom

G+ Count in Title:

G+ Count in Title

Replies and more for Google+:

Replies and more for Google+

Remember The Milk for Gmail:

Remember The Milk for Gmail



Turn Off the Lights:

Turn Off the Lights

Instant Messaging Notifier:

Instant Messaging Notifier

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