Top 10 best wordpress plugins for improving the readability

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WordPress is a classy and much useful program to make the blogs/websites on. And it has thousands rather millions of plugins to help increase the usability of the website. By using the plugins in wordpress, the bloggers can enhance the usability of their websites.

The plugins can be installed in the admin panel of wordpress and as per the needs and requirements, they are installed. The vast quantity of the plugins helps the bloggers in a big manner. For the quality of a blog, readability matters the most whether it appears to be the basic text formatting such as character formatting, spacing, quotes and other basic advancements issues. To satisfy your needs, you may stumble upon the vast choice of WordPress typography plugins that let you manage the space control, use of fonts and many more things.

To enhance the readability, here is the list of top 10 wordpress plugins.

Dynamic Font Replacement

It is advisable to use your own ttf- or otf-fonts with wordpress. This one is SEO-friendly, fast and easy. This plugin works fine by displaying the document and replacing the text in the background. And importantly the actual source code remains the same.

Dynamic Font Replacement Plugin


Before using this plugin, learn as to how to make the use of it properly. It has astonishing features to make the site readable.

WP-Footnotes Plugin


This one too adds values to the site.


Font Uploader

With this plugin, you can add the fonts on the site.

Font Uploader

Title Style

This one is rich in features. By using it, you can wrap lowercase words or words such as “the”, “of” or “a” in em, span or div elements with custom class names. It is quite helpful.

Title Style Plugin

Developer Formatter

This plugin works big time for the website. Read its features from the download link in wordpress.

Developer Formatter

Drop Caps

If seen, fewer sites have drop caps since they have to be hard coded manually. With this plugin, the entire drop caps get added. They can be disabled if the theme is changed. You need not to think over them while you write the posts for the site. Learn the features thoroughly prior to installing it.

Drop Caps Plugin


This one too works fine.

AnyFont Plugin

Ultimate Google Fonts

By using this plugin, you have more than 90 heart-warming open source fonts with you to use. From the wordpress admin panel, you have the authority to choose or customize the fonts.

Ultimate Google Fonts

Simple Pull Quotes

This one helps you insert the pull quotes easily on the websites. If you want to change the look of the pull quotes, you may do so by going into editing the CSS file situated in the plugin installation folders. The path for it is :

Simple Pull Quotes Plugin

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