Top 12 Best Photo Editing Software of Today!

StudioLine PhotoBasic

Whenever someone talks about photos/images editing, resizing or manipulating, most guys at first recommend using Adobe Photoshop program and then list a few other programs. I wonder why people always recommend the same thing when we have so many other options available in the market that are not only as good as Adobe (though it is one of the best) but also free for download and allow users to edit and manipulate pictures of any type.
Here is a list of the 12 best photo editing software of today’s hi-tech era which will definitely make your look much better in the picture:

12. Photo Perfect Express

If you are looking for photo management software with full potential capabilities without spending hours in front of the computer, this may be the answer. Photo Perfect Express will help you fix photos quickly. It is very easy to use; simply select the option to optimize display of instant photographs. There are some basic tools to improve the color, contrast, lighting, noise, and the red-eye effect as well.

Photo Perfect Express

11. Photo Razor

This unique software has the ability to not let the image size be broken when reduced to send it by e-mail or put it on the web. Photo Razor able to solve problems of this image is broken. This program will create a copy of the original image into a smaller size but still high quality. Results of photo copies of the small size will be stored in a separate folder from the original photo. Even though small, this application is functional.

Photo Razor

10. My Paint

Being a big name in the world of photo editing software, my Paint is available in both shareware and freeware formats, offering many features to its valued users including image creation, display and manipulation.

9. Paint Net

With its rather smart and easy to get familiar with kind of interface, Paint Net stands in my ranking at number 9. Like some of the very best software of its kind, this program can help you editing, resizing or manipulating images of all sorts.

Paint Net

8. Photo ToolKit

This is the application which many users prefer for editing digital images in a relatively quicker and easier way. Photo toolkit includes several unique tools to improve images such as whitening teeth or make objects photos smile. This application can also increase the size of the resolution of an image to be printed or decrease the size to upload on the web.

Photo ToolKit

7. Photo Filtre

Designed by Antonio Da Cruz, Photo Filtre – having behemoth number of tools for the purpose of re-touching photos and creating photomontages – comes in two versions; one is free and the other is paid one. Definitely, the paid version has much more to offer to the users as compared to the free one. It is available in many languages and is developed in sync with the Windows Operating System.

Photo Filtre

6. Image Forge

So far now, you must have seen almost similar features of the software but Image Forge has a remarkable feature of importing files from the digital cameras and scanners, and this is what adds to the convenience of the users a lot. It also provides the user with the facility create to a photo album and orchestrate them in a systematic manner to preserve the priceless memories of yours.

Image Forge

5. Pixia

Created by Isao Maruoka for the anime (similar to animated cartoons on television) community, Pixia is used in many other branches of art as well. This software is available in myriad languages to fulfill the needs of wide range of the users and cross the linguistic boundaries to serve the people as a whole.


4. Photo Plus 6

Even though, at the start this software was not much in the market and just because of this particular reason much of the society did not accept it. However, now it is available for download for free and without any trouble to the users and has gained a much better position and strength in the general market. It offers export optimizer, image maps and image slicing, third-party plug-in support and photo enhancement tools etc.

Photo Plus 6

3. Adobe Photoshop Album Starter

First released on February 18, 2003, another amazing photo editing software is Adobe Photoshop Album.  Its last version, 2.0.1, was released on March 18, 2004. The automatic organization feature in it allows the users to find any desired photo in just a nick of time and also arrange the photos in a manner so that you can see them in one window.

Adobe Photoshop Album Starter

2. Picasa

Originally designed IDEALAB almost 10 years back and owned by Google since 2004, Picasa is a blend of the name of the Spanish Painter Pablo Picasso. This application is very convenient to use and it only works well with the Windows Operating System. The features offered in it are cropping, special effects and brightness adjustments etc.


1. StudioLine PhotoBasic

This program is one of the most considerable applications for managing photos on your computer. Starting from collecting photos, transfer, edit, organize, print up to transmit images can be done from this application. Users can also make the tags on digital photos. The size is fairly large application for freeware category because it accommodates 30 tools repair professional-style photos.
It also allows you to polish the image of a low-level exposure, remove red-eye effect, or change the tonal color.

StudioLine PhotoBasic

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