The 12 Worst Terrorist Attacks of All Times!

BOING Jets into World Trade Center

Ever since the Americans witnessed the dreadful incident of 9/11, it is widely believed, the rate of terrorism has escalated manifold across the globe and nearly every other country seems to be the victim of this menace. But, this statement is not completely correct!
Even before the Twin Tower Attacks in America, almost all of us were familiar with terms like Terrorist, Terrorism and Bomb Blasts. Innocent people have always been the poor victims of such cruelties, and (rather unfortunately) they still are!
However, the only question strongly rose after 9/11 was, “Will the poor innocent people always be sacrificing their lives for others?”
Do ask yourselves, and try to answer it if you can…!
For the time being, let us have a sneak peak back in time and run through some of the worst terrorist attacks in the world:
September 23, 1983
112 deaths
A Gulf Air 737 Boeing crashed into the Persian Gulf 30 miles northeast of the Abu Dhabi airport in the United Arab Emirates after a bomb exploded in the baggage compartment.
Gulf Air 737 Boeing crash
October 23, 1983
299 deaths
A U.S. barracks at the Beirut airport was attacked with a truck bomb, killing 241 marines. Minutes later a second truck bomber killed 58 French paratroopers in their barracks in West Beirut.
Beirut airport attacked with a truck bomb
JUNE 23, 1985
329 deaths
An Air-India Boeing 747 exploded off Ireland. A Sikh separatist group was suspected of putting a bomb on the plane.
Air-India Boeing 747 exploded off Ireland
November 29, 1987
115 deaths
A Korean Air Lines 707 exploded off the Burma coast and crashed into the sea. South Korea suspected that North Korea was involved in the crash.
Korean Air Lines 707 Burma coast and crash
December 21, 1988
270 deaths
Pan Am Flight 103 exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland. Two Libyan intelligence officers were accused of planting a suitcase containing the bomb that brought down the plane on another flight from Malta to London, where it was put on the flight to New York. One was convicted in February 2001 in a trial in The Hague, the other set free.
Pan Am Flight 103 exploded over Lockerbie
September 19, 1989
171 deaths
A French U.T.A. DC-10 flying from Brazzaville, the Congo Republic, to Paris exploded over Niger. The Lebanese Islamic Holy War claimed responsibility. France held Libya responsible.
French UTA DC 10 Brazzaville
October 2, 1990
128 deaths
A hijacked Xiamen Airlines 737 crashed into two parked planes at Canton Airport in China. One of the parked planes was loaded with passengers.
Hijacked Xiamen Airlines 737 crash
APRIL 19, 1995
168 deaths
The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was destroyed by a truck bomb. Timothy J. McVeigh was executed for the attack, and Terry L. Nichols was sentenced to life in prison.
Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City truck bomb
August 7, 1998
224 deaths
Car bombings of United States embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar ES Salaam, Tanzania, also injured more than 5,500 people. The dead included 213 in Kenya and 11 in Tanzania. Osama bin Laden is the prime suspect.
Car bombings of United States embassies
August 10, 2001
152 deaths
A passenger train was attacked by UNITA rebels south of Luanda, Angola, one of the bloodiest incidents in Angola’s long-running civil war.
passenger train was attacked by UNITA rebels south
September 11, 2001
2993 Deaths
Hijackers crashed BOING Jets into World Trade Center, Nicety, and New York – Pentagon, Alexandria, Virginia.
BOING Jets into World Trade Center
August 14, 2007
520 Deaths
Multiple car bombings in Al-Qataniyah and Al-Adnaniyah, Iraq resulted in 1500 injuries and over 500 deaths.
Car Bombings in Al-Qataniyah and Al-Adnaniyah

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