Top 12 Interview Dressing Tips For Men for Better Impression

Interview Dressing Tips For Men

Whether you are going to be interviewed for a job for the first time ever in your life, or you are already a seasoned pro, always remember that looking at your best will always impresses other people. Especially, it provides interviewers with an impression that the person they are going to hire is conscious and aware of standards and norms in business or in the corporate world. In order for you to dress your best, go through this guide and do not forget to follow it prior stepping out for interviews.
Interview Dressing Tips For Men
Here the guidelines are:

  1. When you are getting dressed for an interview, ask yourself if you can deliver yourself while wearing the clothes, you are sporting. Do not compromise on your comfort!
  2. Try wearing suit for the first interview. Go for solid colors like navy or dark grey.
  3. Do coordinate your shirt (preferably long sleeve shirt) with your suit or wear a white one.
  4. As you walk to your interviewer from the aisle, to the room, and to the chair close to him or her, your footwear will be looked at. They will observe if you have shined your shoes or your lace is tied neatly. Wearing black or cordovan shoes should be good. Make sure also that your heels are not worn out.
  5. Be sure to check your clothing before you go to the interview. As their eyes are very observant, they will look if your clothes are wrinkled, or having loose stitches, which may have been taken for granted.
  6. Do not ever try to enhance your grace with jewelry, and if it is very essential only then wear very little of it.
  7. Your fabric should be neat and according to fashion. Black, Gray, Chocolate Brown, and Navy Blue, these are some of the basic colors in wearing a suit and a pair of pants. It should also match so that it would not feel so lame, giving the impression that the coat may have just been borrowed somewhere.
  8. Please, do not think that wearing a SpongeBob Square pants or Spiderman Necktie is an interesting office wear. Seeing such figures in a tie only shows unprofessionalism.
  9. It is okay to have facial hair, such as a mustache or a beard in an interview. It may be worn based on other preferences that respect the person.  However, see to it that the hair should be clean, organized, and cut evenly. Otherwise, the interviewer may keep on looking at it, giving you the impression that your face is dirty.
  10. Do your best to limitize the aftershave. Use gentle fragrances as they will definitely work in your favor.
  11. Neatly trimmed nails are vitally important for the best impression.
  12. Always carry your portfolio or briefcase along your interview.
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