9 Best iPad 2 Cydia Jailbreak Apps or Tweaks!

iPad 2

Last week, iOS 4.3 was jailbroken less than 24 hours after Apple released this brandnew software. The tech giant then released the iPad 2, an guess what?
Yes, you have guessed it right, it has also been jailbroken!
The Jailbreak 3.0 has just hit the markets, and it is exhilarating news for the owners of iPad2 because it is the first working iPad 2 Jailbreak. Now everyone is looking for the perfect and the best jailbreak tweaks for their iPad 2 and are keen to find as many tweaks as they can.
Therefore, keeping this curiosity factor of the iPad 2 owners in mind, a list of top 9 best iPad 2 Jailbreak Tweaks available in Cydia has been created here. Just scroll down and enjoy the most hottest jailbreak tweaks / apps for your iPad 2, available in Cydia:

iPad 2


9. SBSetting

The term SBSetting is definitly a very cool news for the entire jailbreak community since it provides them with the facility to access frequently used setting very easily and even without wasting time in going inside of the setting menu just to open Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or change the settings of your desktop.

8. Phone-IT-iPad

Desperately willing to turn your iPad 2 into a smartphone or in Apple language, The iPhone!
If, the answer is yes then this is the application you must be looking for since by utilizing the 3G connection in your iPad 2, this app allows your device to act like an iPhone. It is available in Cydia for $20.

7. PDF Patcher 2

To prevent the risk of getting your iPad 2 hit by the viruses and malwares, PDF Patcher 2 is the perfect jailbreak tweak which patches the security of your device as there is a lot of risk invovled in jailbreaking your device.
Download this app for free from Cydia.

6. PkgBackup

This incredible and unique app is actually a little bit expensive one as it costs $7.99, but on the other hand also allows you to create the backup of all of your jailbreak tweaks. Sometimes you lost your downloaded app or in other words the purchased apps and then you have to re-download it, but this app has now eliminated all these hurdles as it simply create the complete backup for all of your jailbreak tweaks.

5. iFile

Anyone who wishes to have his/her iPad 2 sytem file manager than just install this amzing application available in Cydia for just $4. And if you are wondring what exactly does this app’s functions are, then simply read the next line!
This jailbreak tweak allows you to edit and view any kind of file in your iPad 2 and hey! to add one more thing in your information, this app will be required for many of the jailbreak tweaks mentioned in this list.

4. RetinaPad

With the help of the RetinaPad, you can use the iPhone only apps in your iPad 2 with higher resolution because without this app, it looks like that in a upper scale like iPad 2, the iPhone app is displayed like a blown up pixels. But RetinaPad is the perfect jailbreak tweak and it is available for free in Cydia.

3. GridLock

The restrictions that are imposed by the springboard is now over with GridLock. You can easily layout your apps in any rows and columns with the help of this cool app and you can grab it for just $0.99.

2. Winter Board

This cool app allows you to apply theme in your iOS environment and has a large number of designs so you can choose any type of your favorite theme and apply it to your iOS.

1. LockInfo

For a price as low as just $7.99, this application is availble on Cydia. When you lock your screen what you see? That’s right, the only thing you see is the message saying unlock your screen. But with this cool app you can customize your lock screen with widgets, shortcuts and apps and the most important thing is that you can have all your notifications visible on your lock screen.

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