Top 15 Android Apps for Webmasters!


In terms of users, Android – a set of software that includes an operating system, middle-ware and lots of applications – has become an increasingly popular platform for smart phones these days, especially rivaling devices such as Apple’s iPod. Obviously, good applications are hard to come by and, probably, therefore the Great Google is promoting the marketplace for such things. For those who are not familiar, the marketplace is a term just parallel to Apple’s iTunes Store, and simply a collection of applications users can download and install on their mobile device.
Here, in this write up, I have compiled some of the best and most useful Android applications for webmasters and affiliates who are more focused towards business and getting things done in right manner. So, if you have an Android phone or tablet then have a look at the Apps and download from the Google Market:
15 – World Newspaper
With over 100,000 downloads till now, this is the right kind of app for all those who like being updated all the time. You can get access to over 6000 newspapers and magazines around the world via this amazing app. It allows you browsing by country, most popular, web news, magazines and videos.
The most popular magazines in the system are:
Wall Street Journal
USA Today
New York Daily Times
Financial Times
World Newspaper
14 – Astro File Manager
This app (by the time I was writing this article) has more than 10 million downloads. It allows users to easily manager their files on phone or tablet whether pictures, videos, music or anything else of such kind.
There are many apps that do the same thing but this one is strongly recommended.
Astro File Manager
13 – Thinking Space
It is a quite simple yet interesting app which enables users to establish relationship between different thoughts and ideas, and devise a course of action to achieve the idea.
Thinking Space
12 – Mobile GA
The job does not end up at just making a website, but it extends a long way ahead. It is habitual of the webmasters to check the statistics (the more tough work probably) of the website after short durations. By using this application, one can keep his/her information confidential and it also allows Android to access the Google Analytics through its API.
Now, where ever you go your statistics go with you!
Mobile GA
11 – Magic Color Picker
Magic Color Picker has got umpteen (innumerable but many) color variations waiting for users to come and grab. The colors are shown in HEX and decimal and are of great patronage to the artists and designers to select a color combination best suited to a particular ambience.
Magic Color Picker
10 – IP Cam Viewer
If one has cameras in his/her house it is good to monitor that things are ok, and this is exactly where this app comes handy. If the user is a webmaster with kids then he/she might be able to find more clever uses for this program.
IP Cam Viewer
09 – BLOO Facebook
This is a must have application for those webmasters who cannot afford to miss any new wall on their Facebook account. After Android’s BLOO Facebook one does not need to be a Nervous Nellie anymore as he/she can access the Facebook account on this application anywhere 24/7.
BLOO Facebook
08 – Android Twitter
This app allows users to catch tweets anywhere they are. It is easy to share photos, links and videos through this unique app.
Android Twitter
07 – Android WORDPRESS
Undoubtedly a heavenly blessing for the bloggers, android’s this application enables hem to do various functions as regards to their blog such as managing a number of different blogs at the same time effectively, creating pages and editing the already existing ones.
06 – Kindle
Amazon – one of the top sellers of books providing fast shipping – have produced their own Kindle device which allows users to download books rather than having to buy them and wait for them to be shipped or have to worry if they are available in market. The Kindle app is available on Android as well so users can take books with themselves everywhere they go and always buy more books.
05 – PhotoShop
A marvelous tool to play with images on Android, this is the app every webmaster will enjoy working on. If the color adjustments are not in sync with the environment then just simple adjust the colors according to the need. You can also apply different affects and crop or rotate your image.
04 – View Web Source
With the help of this application, users will be able to view the source code of the web page they are viewing. The source code will open up in a text editor and there they can analyze and edit it.
View Web Source
03 – HTML Editor
It is good helping tool for programmers to edit HTML, PHP, ASP, CSS and JS on Android.
HTML Editor
02 – Tech Buzz
There is actually a DIGG application which is available on Android. Filling the void of empty tech new app, this application delivers the latest technology related news straight to your mobile device. The most amazing thing about Tech Buzz is that users can add the application as a widget on their home screen and preview the news before opening it.
Tech Buzz
01 – Pulse
This is indeed the best app for webmasters as it not only organizes all sorts of websites into a well organized system for viewing, but also enables users to add world news sources like BBC and CNN. It allows custom feeds by either copying the feed URL or using the search feature as well.
And, above all, if one is serious about marketing he/she can even add other feeds such as SEO blog, SEOMOZ, conversion room, conversion rate improvement and more.

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