Top 5 augmented reality mobile apps


There is mammoth excitement being built around the category of iPhone and Android Apps and most of which is yet to be approved and released. These iPhone and Android Apps are much famous as Augmented Reality Apps.
By making the use of iPhone 3GS and Android phone’s compass, camera, and GPS system, all of these applications merge the virtual data into the physical real world. The outcome of these apps is simply brilliant and superlative since the users can see the physical locations of the Twitter users and local restaurants in the area – not matter if they are far away or situated miles away.
Today’s world is filled with a number of augmented reality apps available in the Android market. The ones, which are simply awesome, are penned down:


If you want to know from where the tweets come, you may know this as there exist many apps which work big time to show what tweets are nearby. This app takes the iPhone’s camera and then overlays the live visuals of the world around you with tweets.

Kafkara Augmented Reality

This one is simply the awesome app which lets you add your friends’ faces to numerous avatars. You can then view them via the camera based on their locations. Another astonishing feature is that it makes use of the text to speak technology that allows your friend’s avatar speak his/her newest twitter or Facebook status update before you.
Kafkara Augmented Reality app


This augmented reality app available for Google Android phones. This app lets the developers to generate their own reality by making the additions of layers on top of the live visuals on your phone. Through the use of layers, Yelp, Wikipedia, Google search, Twitter and others can be seen.
Layar app

TAT Augmented ID

This app is not about the locations but about the people since it uses the Flickr facial recognition technology of Polar Rose to make the identification of a person’s face and then grab the information such as online profile or contact details.
TAT Augmented ID

SREngine for iPhone

It appears to be like the previous one ‘TAT’ since it recognizes the objects like local scenes or architecture.
SREngine for iPhone app

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