8 best jQuery Zoom Plugins to create stupendous image effects

Nivo Zoom

jQuery Zoom plugins are utterly useful to show the larger images on any blog or website with limited space. In actual, a bit of jQuery experience and the apt use of plugins, any user can create super classy front ends for example with jQuery Sliders. On many of the websites, the key element happens to be one which supports the content is ‘images’. jQuery is quite powerful with the pictures/images and appears very supportive in creating really cool content in an image.
Below are presented the coolest jQuery Zoom Plugins which create the stupendous image zoom effects on any website.

This script allows you to view a real magnified portion of any picture when you do the mouse over it. When you do so, a magnifying glass takes place alongside the picture showing the magnified area on demand. By using the mousewheel, the user can then be able to toggle the zoom level.
Featured Image Zoomer

2 – Cloud Zoom

This one is comparable to the commercial image zoom products like the ones – Magic Zoom. As compared to the famous jQZoom plugin, Cloud Zoom appears to be small but is laced with more features and additional robust compatibility over the browsers.
Cloud Zoom

3- Image Power Zoomer

This plugin adds a magnifying glass on each and every image on the web page allowing the users to zoom in on parts of the picture very simply by just the movement of the cursor.
Image Power Zoomer

4- Epic Image Zoom

By using this jQuery Zoom Plugin, the users have the ability to add the zoom-in functionality to any picture with configurable magnification level and to the magnifier appearance. It also lets you have the built in image preloading.
Epic Image Zoom

5- zoomooz

This one is very easy to use called a user friendly jQuery plugin that makes any web page element zoom.

6- jQuery Image Zoom and Panning Plugin

It generates a zoom and panning effect on any picture. This plugin needs to have two image versions – one with small preview and one with larger view for doing zoom and panning.
jQuery Image Zoom and Panning Plugin

7- Nivo Zoom

This one lets the users zoom the picture in larger rather full size or as lightbox. The main feature of this plugin is that it lets you determine the location of the bigger pictures.
Nivo Zoom

8- Photo Zoom Out Effect with jQuery

This plugin gives the users the opportunity to learn how to create a simple picture zoom out effect using jQuery. When an image is hovered, they are zoomed out. For the picture galleries and photography websites, this plugin works high.
Photo Zoom Out Effect with jQuery

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