8 Best Places to visit in Asia!

Taj Mahal

Asia – the magical land of mixed cultures and rich heritage, ultimate myths and unbelievable realities, knowledge, wisdom and numerous colors of life – is the biggest continent of the world that attracts tourists from all over the globe to come, see, explore and enjoy its tremendousness.
Dubai, Malaysia, India, China, Japan, Pakistan, Thailand, Singapore and many other truly stunning vacation spots – the list of possible wondrous destinations is endless. Given below is a list with a quick description of the top most attractive places in Asia:

1. Dubai

Whenever the problem of an entertainment packed, sensational vacation arises in anyone’s mind, Dubai provides the solution since no trip to Asia can be complete without a visit to this city. Where most Arab countries are not very welcoming to foreigners Dubai is a treat. Desert safaris, camel rides and a hot nightlife, Dubai truly rocks!

2. Kuala Lumpur

Capital of Malaysia the city is home to world famous Petrona- Towers which is the highest building in the world. Mosques, markets and the mono-rail are evidence of the cities mixed modern and traditional culture. You can haggle at the markets by day and chill out at a five-star by night.
Kuala Lumpur

3. The Great Wall of China

Being one among the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Wall of China is 5,500 miles (8,851 km) long. It was constructed, reconstructed and maintained between the 5th century and the 16th century BC to protect the northern borders of the Chinese Empire from Xiongnu warriors during various successive dynasties.
The Great Wall of China

4. Bali

Famous for its beaches and spirituality, Bali has always been a favorite destination for people living in all corners of the world. For those who prefer a little more privacy the island of Lombok is a short hop away.

5. Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal – the monument of love – is situated in Agra, India. Constructed entirely of white marble, Taj Mahal is the tomb of the Muslim Empress Noorjahan – beloved wife of Mughal emperor Shahjahan who built it in the memory by his wife in the early 17th century.
Taj Mahal

6. Tokyo

Tokyo – the heartbeat of Japan – is a thriving city with its imperial palace, various shrines and monuments that are testimonies to the city’s ancient culture. The Disneyland in Tokyo (which is the first to be built in Asia), the Rainbow town and Mount Fuji are among some of the must visit places in this city.

7. Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a magical and mystical quality to it. The blend of east and west is effortless and the trip is definitely value for the money.
Hong Kong

8. Lahore

Being the cultural capital of south-Asian country Pakistan, Lahore is a city with non-stop buzz!
Once the capital of the Mughal Empire, Lahore is among those very few cities of the world that has plenty to offer to the amusement-hungry tourists.
Glorious buildings like Lahore Fort and Badshahi Mosque, the mystic Sufi nights, Food Streets for food lovers of all sorts and the eloquent flag lowering ceremony on the Indian border are some of the many charms available here in this very city.

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