Best of the best iOS 5 features to grab attention

In June, iOS 5 was launched at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Since the day of unveiling, it has been grabbing the headlines. The launch of iOS 5 took place a few days back on October 12th and now all and sundry are found having much interest for it and its latest features plus the updates like the revamped notifications, over-the-air updates, iMessages and quicker access to the phone’s camera and to name a few. Apple made the announcement that iOS 5 had more than 200 new features to enjoy with.
Below we present some of the astonishing things; a user has to know about.

iOS 5



iMessages happens to be a text message killer since it is Apple’s initiative on BBM. It is like a BlackBerry Messenger for iDevices. With its use, you have the ability of sharing the texts, pictures and visuals with other iOS users. It supports 3G and WiFi.

Faster Camera Access

The situation gets much annoying when you like to take a picture immediately but you cannot since your iPhone screen gets locked. The new camera shortcut is all the time intact on the lock screen and this helps to click the pictures instantly. By the use of shortcut, the users are now able to click the images without unlocking the screen and accessing the app of camera. Using the volume up button, the pictures can even be captured as well.

More Social Games

The users would enjoy a lot when they learn that the Game Center app has now been improved and is more social now. The users can now share own pictures, compare yourself with friends, view friends of friends and recommended games and more.


The users can now be fully updated with the news from around the globe. This all happens with the Newsstand App. This app makes the downloading of every new release automatically.

Find My Friends

This is called the latest social app similar to Foursquare. It allows all the users to make the sharing of their locations in real time. It also lets you make the control of when and to whom you share the stuff.

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