Top 3 iPhone apps for the best mobile convenience

Crowdmug app
Since the celebrations of the iPhone 4S are going on, here we would like to feature the three startups with iPhone applications, which will utterly help you increase and boost your mobile lifestyle.
The best of the lot include CardFlick, Crowdmug and Floop. The details of these three are dashed off below:


CardFlick works big time for the business users by letting you generate and share the digital business cards with iPhone.
There are a number of options available in the market but selecting the right business card application should be the prime concern thus CardFlick is the best choice. With this application, you can create the card creation with simplest and stylish manner. It also offers you the best available card design themes. The most interesting thing is that if you and another CardFlick user happen to be in the same room, you have the option to send your card to your contact.
The reports say that CardFlick witnesses more than 50,000 downloads in a month.
CardFlick app


It lets you make the request for the pictures or videos of places to see what the scene is like. To get the right bar scene is difficult. Crowdmug is on way to test a theory offered to the users to enjoy with the first hand glimpse of a specific place.
The application helps you make the location relevant requests. With the use of this application, you let the Crowdmug know what you like to see (picture or visual), where you like to see it and above all how much you can pay for this request? Your request is then sent to the application users located in the area.
This application can also be used to follow the city-specific feeds of pictures and videos being shared by the other users.
Crowdmug app


Floop is the iPhone application designed for polls and visual opinion graphing. The brilliant thing is that the poll graphing gets updated in real time. It allows you to measure up the pulse of your pals or the community at bigger level on the topics you select. The opinion or poll graphs appear in real time.
Floop app

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