Useful Facebook extensions for greater experience

Facebook Blocker

The fact remains that the browser extensions happen to be the wonderful way of increasing the functionality of a browser since they are able to add a number of various utilities, features and customization options which may prove to be supremely helpful for the users.
At this platform, we like to discuss a few classy browser extensions for Facebook, which give the users the ability of zooming in  the images or maneuvering the news feeds in addition to incorporating it with Google+.

FB Photo Zoom

This Facebook extension is superb since it allows the users to zoom the images in Facebook. The users now need not to load up the Facebook photo lightbox to see the complete image since this extension is much powerful that it automatically enlarges the image when the mouse is hovered on it.
Browsers: Chrome, Safari
FB Photo Zoom

Facebook Blocker

Do you loathe the use of Facebook or do not like it at all? Do you not want to see the Facebool like buttons on the web pages? If the answer is ‘yes’, then Facebook Blocker extension is an apt choice since it blocks the instances of Facebook’s social sharing all over the web. The ultimate purpose of this extension is to remove the social buttons  but the Facebook Connect button intact due to login purpose.
Browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
Facebook Blocker


Do you stay on both – Google+ and Facebook and you want to check the updates from both and importantly on one place? If so, then the extension – Google+Facebook works big time to fulfill your requirement. This extension adds the additional tab on your Google+ so that the user can view the Facebook stream and when the user is on Facbook, Google+ creates a new button which opens up a frame of the Facebook stream to check the updates.
Browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome

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