Top 10 famous stand up comedians of all time

Bill Cosby

Comedy always entices the souls. This genre is a gem since it sends smiles and often the bigger laughs on the withered face. Often we are in state of tension and need catharsis and comedy comes in between and lets us do the same. We laugh and tension is released. Well, here we like to discuss the stand up comedians of all time, who sent the chill through the bodies. Check out the Top 10 famous stand up comedians of all time below.

George Carlin Famous ComedianGeorge Carlin

George was a class in his acts. He was both a socio-political comedian and an observational, this is the quality that shot him to heights of success.

Bill Cosby top 10 comediansBill Cosby

Bill Cosby is fantastic in his comedy acts fetching lot of attention from the viewers and the audiences. He was just not a standup comedians but he happened to be a story teller as well.

Richard PryorRichard Pryor

Richard happened to be the apple of eye of his fans. In his era, his albums were being played along with Carlin and Cosby. He obtained good fan-ship.

Lenny BruceLenny Bruce

Lenny was the one comedians who made his own unique style and generated a path for the comedians of his time and the upcoming. He allowed the free speech in his comedy.

Bob HopeBob Hope

He was much popular and continued to film for the TV specials and his tours of the world made huge fans for him. Whenever he wanted to do acts, he called the head of NBC and asked for the same. He wanted his comedy to look fresh.

Jerry SeinfeldJerry Seinfeld

Jerry’s comedy was observational and he took it to the new level that enticed the souls. He did a show called The Seinfeld Chronicles, it got canceled earlier then returned as Seinfeld. He is worth more than two billion dollars.

Paula PoundstonePaula Poundstone

She got famous with making fun of her suicidal attempt. She happens to be quite quirky and likeable. Her comic timing is wonderful.

Bill HicksBill Hicks

He is called the finest comedian on the planet. His unique style fetches fans automatically.

Martin SteveSteve Martin

He is the one who changed the face of stanup comedy. His antics and use of props made him really popular.

Eddie MurphyEddie Murphy

Eddie is quite famous among the masses. His albums are listened hugely. The laughs he used in the movies are always loved to watch.

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