Top 10 high grossing Pixar movies

Toy Story 3 Poster Trailer and #1 at Pixar

Pixar is quite famous in churning out the animated movies. The flicks made by Pixar fall under the top 50 well grossing animated films of all time. The 12 animated film s the banner has made so far, below 10 are being presented according to the rating they got.

Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 Poster Trailer and #1 at Pixar

Woody and the whole gang come back after around 11 years buzz. Andy is grown up and happens to be fit in. Now the time has come to find them a brand new home. They all are sent to a day-care center rather than being sent to the attic. What follows next is worth watching.


Wall E Front Cover Top list

Wall-E, a trash cleaning robot, is sent on earth to wipe up the mess made by the human. Human, on the other hand, have shifted to the space and Wall-E is left behind as the only one here. Watch what comes up next, it’s quite interesting.

Toy Story

Toy Story Poster Top List

The whole saga revolves around the two leading characters – Woody and Buzz. For Andy, Woody has always been the supreme favorite toy until he gets the all new one ‘Buzz’. What follows next is the story of jealous between the two toys.


UP Movie 2009 Poster

Up is the saga of 78 years old Carl who fastens the belts to head to the lost land in South America in order to fulfill his promise he made with the late better half, Ellie. Carl ties thousands of balloons to his home and then makes it fly. His flight takes the route to South America. Along with his journey, there is an annoying very talkative chubby boy named Scout, a talking dog and a bird, Kevin.

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo movie-2003 trailer

The flick is about finding Nemo, the son of Marlin, who happens to be the widower clown fish. Marlin loses its son to the humans by the time the son comes up at the open sea. It’s an adventurous flick to stay with…much interesting.

Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2 Trailer poster top 10 list

The sequel to the big grossing flick, ‘Toy Story’, Toy Story 2 is called the supremely best sequels ever made on the land of animated flicks. This film talks about the abduction of Woody by the toy collector who has the evil thought of selling Woody while Andy is away. It’s a ‘Don’t Miss’ venture.


Ratatouille Movie Poster Trailer Top 10 list

Have anyone imagined that a small creature who scares the most can cook brilliantly? Well, this can happen with Ratatouille. The film talks about a rat named Remy who is laced with a big dream of becoming a top French chef. Would he able to do so? Why not to watch it on screen!

The Incredibles

The Incredibles Movie Top 10 list

There is a family where every member of the family possesses superpowers but soon the things get a little bit weird since every member of the family has now to brawl a bit within the family. This flick revolves around and focuses more on Mr. Incredible a.k.a Bob and his wife Helen.

Monster Inc.

Monster Inc Movie

The film pours light on the inside world of monsters – the ones who happen to be the scaring ones for the kids at night time. The film talsk about Sulley, who is a worker at Monsters Inc. who is called the master in scaring the kids along with partner, Mike.

Bugs Life

Bugs Life

Bugs Life is the saga of an ant named Flik who happens to be a true misfit in the colony.  A group of grasshoppers hit the colony. The group named Anthill takes away the whole food the ants have gathered so far. What follows next is an interesting journey.

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