Top 10 languages widely spoken in world

German Language

Without communication, the world is nothing. No one can survive without it. The whole scenario of the globe is running around communication. And the communication is done through languages. The ideas, businesses, works, friendship and all are done through the use of communication and for this obviously language is needed. On this planet ‘earth’, a number of various languages are spoken but the ones, which are more prominent in the world, are dished out for you as under:


English has turned an international language and the whole communication over the web, media and in other ways is being done using this language. English speakers are endless around the globe. It is mostly spoken in the United States of America, British Islands, Canada, Ireland, Jamaica, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. In addition to these countries, there are also more than 53 countries which use English as their official language.

English Language


Spanish is also widely spoken language of the world. There are more than 329 million native speakers of this language in the world who live in Latin America, Mexico and 20 other countries.

Spanish Language


This one is called the sixth official language being spoken in the US. A Sino-Tibetan Chinese language, it is spoken in the countries like Taiwan and Mainland China. It is also spoken in other parts of the world as well like Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Macau, Singapore, the Philippines, and Peru.

Mandarin Language


Hindi and Urdu both are among the older languages of the world as well. They are spoken by more than 242 million native speakers around the globe. They reside in Hindustan (India), Pakistan and in other parts of the world.  Hindi and Urdu are the official languages of India and Pakistan respectively.
Hindi-Urdu Language


There are more than 221 million people who speak Arabic. This language is widely spoken in Middle East and North African countries mostly. It is the official language of the countries – Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Oman, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia and other nearby countries.

Arabic Language


Bengali is spoken by nearly 181 million people who live mostly in Bangladesh, Assam and Tripura.

Bengali Language


This language is spoken by 178 million people. The history tells that this language descended from Latin and then turned being the official language of Brazil and Portugal.

Portuguese Language


The records say that Russian is spoken by nearly 144 million native speakers. It is spoken in Croatia, Poland, Serbia, and Slovakia. Russian is also seen being spoken in other countries like Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.

Russian Language


This has the status of being the official language of Japan and Palau Republic and as per the records, it is spoken by 132 million people.

Japanese Language


German is the official language of Germany but we also see it being spoken in various countries of Europe like Austria, Belgium, Lichtenstein, and Luxemburg. Around 90 million people speak German in the world.

German Language

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