Top 12 Sexiest Women of Summer!

Summer is my personal favourite season as it brings fireworks, barbecues, bikinis, man-eating sharks and many other exciting things. In the entertainment world, it is considered as the most happening and busiest time of the year with rising temperatures, movies packed to the brim with explosions and the biggest names and faces gracing the big screens for a solid three months. So, it will no be too difficult to understand why it is said the summer simply means HOT.
Now, like the glamorous past, this year’s blockbuster slate is also no exception to the time honoured tradition of featuring the sexiest, young actresses in Hollywood making cinematic magic while barely batting an eyelash.
Given below is the ultimate list covering the 12 shining actresses/starlets who somehow managed to keep viewers attention in-between car chases and fist fighting shots:
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12. Penelope Cruz” color=”#333333″


Pirates of the Caribbean:

On Stranger Tides Whipping up a fourth instalment of Pirates of the Caribbean without the main cast is no easy task, but Penelope Cruz shouldn’t have a problem filling Keira Knightley’s corset. The Spanish actress joins Johnny Depp as Angelica, Jack Sparrow’s love interest and partner in his search for the Fountain of Youth.
NOTE: She doesn’t need the magical water yet!
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11. January Jones

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X-Men: First Class

In comic books, Emma Frost is a stunning blonde psychic who manipulates and trumps her opponents using her sharp wit and curvy body almost as much as she does her super powers. Fitting then that Mad Men star January Jones will bring the character to life on the big screen in X-Men: First Class, as she’s been winning us over with those same powers for years.
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Blake Lively

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Green Lantern

With all the space aliens,  intergalactic wars and giant madmen, it can be easy to overlook Blake Lively in Green Lantern, one of the few characters who aren’t decked out in prosthetics or CG bodysuits. It’s 100 percent-pure Blake, which is what you want when you have someone as enchanting as the Gossip Girl star. But don’t count her out of the action!
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Mila Kunis

” color=”#ac84c2″]

Friends With Benefits

Mila Kunis’ dirty talks and hooking up with Justin Timberlake was a very exciting thing to watch for everyone. The Black Swan star returns to her roots (don’t forget she’s a That ’70s Show vet and Family Guy regular) while exploiting her good looks for this sex comedy that doesn’t look to skirt around some of the more uncomfortable (read: hilarious) situations that arise when relationships start forming.
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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

” color=”#f7eb64″]

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Other than a few Victoria Secret TV specials, Transformers: Dark of the Moon will be Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s first stab at acting — and you don’t need many details on the movie to know it’ll be an explosive debut. Michael Bay treats his ladies right (the first two instalments made Megan Fox a worldwide sex symbol), but Huntington-Whiteley has her work cut out for her navigating the on-going war between shape-shifting robots.
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Olivia Wilde

” color=”#aef218″]

Cowboys and Aliens

Wilde escapes the computer world of TRON: Legacy for her new project that let her be a little more like herself. That is, not made of pixels and incredibly attractive. Cowboys and Aliens sees the blonde stunner fighting extraterrestrials alongside Daniel Craig.
olivia-wilde[/box] [box title=”

Emma Watson

” color=”#ff645c”]

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II

She’s grown from nerdy bookworm to full-fledged starlet, and now we only have one more round of Potter with Emma Watson’s multifaceted Hermione Granger. Judging from the first glimpses of the film, Deathly Hallows: Part II is going to put the wizard-trio through even crazier and more dangerous situations, but as Watson has proved in the past, there’s no reason she can’t cast deadly spells while looking simply dashing.
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Emma Stone

” color=”#baedc0″]

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Emma Stone will be dominating 2012 in the new Spider-Man reboot, but this summer she’ll bring a little heart to the array of epic visuals and blasting sounds. For fans of the actress who need convincing she’s the next great romantic lead, you can catch her (and be subsequently absorbed by her) romancing Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love.
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Sofia Vergara

” color=”#de5df4″]

The Smurfs

Easily the breakout star of the Emmy-winning Modern Family, Sofía Vergara has simultaneously left us chuckling and picking our jaws off the floor from her combo of comedy and allure. She’s the complete package and she’ll be flaunting it all this summer in the live-action adaptation of the kids cartoon The Smurfs.
sofia-vergara-summer[/box] [box title=”

Natalie Portman

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Portman is an attractive young lady, but it’s not all looks — the girl graduated from Harvard and she has the brains to prove it. So it’s no surprise that the Black Swan Oscar-winner is making her foray into the world of comic book movies by playing Jane Foster, scientist and NORSE God skeptic, in Marvel’s tent pole Thor.
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Rose Byrne

” color=”#ff334b”]


Byrne proved she could bring the funny in last summer’s Get Him to the Greek, and now she’s part of the elite team of lady comics assembled for the raunchy Bridesmaids.
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Jamie Chung

” color=”#14ff1a”]

The Hangover Part II

Chung is the latest bride-to-be that will have to deal with the drunken misadventures of Phil, Stu and Alan, The Wolfpack from the original Hangover. Fresh from her own beat’em-up adventure in Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch, Chung gets to flex a comedy muscle alongside some of the fastest words lingers in the West (Hollywood) as Stu’s love interest.


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