5 Most Famous Celebrities Who Crashed In 2011!

Like the famous saying, “what goes up, must comes down”, it is a normal trend in showbiz to face such a time period when even the bestsellers lose their name. Every famous celebrity must ever (at least once) come to a point in his/her career wherein he/she lose the fame and even the fortune.
Well, even though celebrities reach the prominence and the wealth they have achieved and worked on, if they do not maintain the hard work and the reputation they have already built, they may fail in some point.
Here is a list of the top five celebrities who have crashed and failed with their reputation and career in 2011:

1. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus had a successful singing and acting career in the past years. However, she took things too far. She have had mistakes in dating older men, posed nearly naked in a Vanity Fair, and used in Stripper poles in performing her dance routines.

2. Lindsay Lohan

It is no shock that Lindsay Lohan is one of the top ten infamous celebrities in 2011. Lindsay was once the cute young freckly girl who had a successful movie like Parent Trap. When she grew older, she had all the teens with her movie “Mean Girls”.
Lindsay’s fame did not stay long. On her late 20’s, she started to have a lesbian relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson. She was also caught drunk driving, using drugs, and even stealing a gold necklace from a known jewellery shop.
Talking about a good girl gone bad and carrying professional career with it, LiLo is the perfect example!

3. Britney Spears

This name should not be another shocker for fans and critics. The former well-known teenage singer started the failure of her career when she married her childhood friend Jason Alexander in 2004 and lasted for only 55 hours. She then married dancer Kevin Federline in November in the same year and had a divorce two years after.
Britney was also reported to have been under the influence of drugs for many years and have visited the rehab for quite a number of times. Until now, Britney still has not saved her reputation even with a new album, songs to sing, and a renewed sexy body to dance with.

4. Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson’s name is indeed top two in the list since the media had a record of Gibson making a statement under an intoxicated state and with domestic violence.
He also had a comment against the former president Bill Clinton that added to the injury he already made. He was also accused of speaking some awful racist speech against Oksana Grigorieva in 2010.

5. Charlie Sheen

Well, finally whose name could be more suitable for the top most rank in the list of celebrities who crashed their careers in 2011 than our dear very own Mr. Warlock!
Notorious Charlie Sheen – who had a wholesome image over the years – had finally broken his record when he unleashed the other side of his personality. He was reported to be under the influence of drugs and had gone wild and irresponsible on family matters.
Recently, Sheen had a temporary restraining order from his wife Brooke Mueller who claimed to have been threatened by Sheen for several times. Their children were also pulled out from their home due to these circumstances.

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